Meet Our Horses


Sinatra came to us in the spring of 2015 from a rescue that could no longer care for him.  He got his name because of his beautiful melodic whinny.  Born in 1999, he is a cross between a thoroughbred and a quarter horse.  Due to the nature of his injuries, he can no longer be ridden, but he is one of our best therapy horses because of his ability to connect with people who have suffered a loss.  Sinatra knows loss since his has never been in a barn for more than a year and has lost many of his companions.  Sinatra has now found his forever home at Spirit's Promise.


Joker is Marisa's personal horse.  She purchased him in 2007 before she started Spirit's Promise Equine Rescue.  Born in Pennsylvania in 1997, Joker was originally a cow pony before he became Marisa's trail horse and they have a very special bond.  He is the Casanova of Spirit's Promise and has had many four-legged girlfriends.  Joker has a big personality and is often used in the round pen with teenagers.


Heartbreaker came to Spirit's Promise in 2013.  Born in 2007, she came from another rescue where she was having difficulty recovering from  trauma due to the abuse she had suffered in the past.  She was rehabilitated by the herd at Spirit's Promise and, with lots of patience, love, and routine, she learned to trust again.  Heartbreaker is one of our team of therapy horses as she is able to recognize trauma in people.


"B" (aka Bewitched) has a very unusual story.  She was born a twin right here on the Spirit's Promise property to the former owner in 1995.  She was only 28 pounds at birth and was raised in a playpen in the house for six months.  When Marisa purchased the farm in 2010, "B" and her sister, Patsy, were still living at the farm.  Shortly thereafter, Patsy was adopted and "B" suffered from terrible separation anxiety.  She is very leery of people and you need to be patient to earn her trust.  "B" will always be a part of Spirit's Promise past as well as its future.  


Flirt is a recent addition to our farm, coming to Spirit's Promise in 2016.  Born is 2000, she is a Roan Appaloosa Bay Mare.  Flirt came to us from Orient Point after her owner passed away, which was quite a traumatic loss.  Through the love and patience of the people at Spirit's Promise, as well as the companionship of the herd, Flirt has grown to be a confident horse who is now the Alpha Mare of the herd.  She is a big part of our exercises in herd dynamics.


Elvis is a white and brown Paint Quarter horse who came to Spirit's Promise in 2016.  He was born in 2003 and was rescued from a riding stable in Nassau county.  Elvis is lame and cannot be ridden, but he is a wonderful part of our exercises with our elderly visitors.  He loves to be brushed, have his mane braided, and adores the quiet attention.


Alhambra came to Spirit's Promise in 2012 as a 22 year old Paso Fino, which means "fine ride" in Spanish.  She had been abandoned by her owner to a lesson barn in Suffolk County.  When they could no longer care for her she came to live at Spirit's Promise.  Alhambra suffers from Cushing's disease (diabetes in horses) and is a very independent horse.  She spends her time with the other older horses in their own special herd.


Skipper was born in 1992 and served as a barrel racer, a western pleasure horse, and a lesson horse before he came to us in 2013.  He is a kind soul who connects with many of our volunteers and visitors who remember riding him when he was called Skip Me Rick.  Skipper is a big part of our grief therapy program.  He lost his best friend, Sky, in January 2019, after twelve years of friendship, and can relate to those who have suffered a loss.


Star Luna is a beautiful tattooed thoroughbred who raced as Luna Sea.  She came to Spirit's Promise in 2010 at age 12.  She was deemed "too slow" and was sent to slaughter.  There she met Big Mommie and the two formed an immediate bond.  They were brought to Spirit's Promise together and were inseparable until Big Mommie passed in 2018.   This was very hard for Star, but she has since bonded with Heartbreaker and is a big part of our therapy program.



Pirate came to us in the summer of 2011.  He was at a rescue that could no longer care for him.  Pirate is the boy next door, welcoming any new horses who come to our farm, especially the mares.  He is the passive leader of our herd.  Born in 2009, Pirate is a cross between a Mustang and a Quarter-horse.  Pirate is an excellent round pen equine therapy horse and is a favorite among our female clients.

Major came to Spirit's Promise in 2011 after working as a police horse in NYC.  He retired from the NYPD after working for many years at Yankee Stadium, Coney Island, Midtown Manhattan, and Rockville Center.  Major exudes bravery and discipline as he patrols the property at Spirit's Promise.  He is a big part of our equine therapy program and has found a best friend in Mr. Peanut!


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Mr. Peanut

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Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut is a miniature horse with a BIG personality!  He came to Spirit's Promise in 2013 at the age of 9.  He was to be sent to slaughter but was removed from the transport truck when he behaved badly.  Since coming to our farm he has bonded with Major and we believe that he thinks he is a full size horse.  Mr. Peanut is a part of our equine therapy program and is used for helping both children and those who are a bit intimidated by the larger horses. 

 Our Other Farm Friends

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