Horses are wonderful teachers. They do not lie to us, but rather they are invaluable teachers because they mirror back the emotions we may be trying to hide. 

Equus Life Coaching is:

  • an immersive learning experience with horses through communication interactions from the ground

  • a dynamic approach to personal transformation

  • a profound personal journey to discover your own true nature

Why Horses?


A horse’s inherent gentle nature, curiosity, and desire to work within a herd or community will cause a horse to seek connection, even with people. Yet unlike most adults who have been socially trained to form judgments and think in terms of “right and wrong,” horses only reflect the truth of the present moment. Therefore, they will consistently mirror back to a person the variations of the ripple effect their inner dialog is having on them and others in their surrounding environment.


Horses are remarkable for their ability to give clear, direct and rapid bio-feedback. This feedback enables the student to deepen their awareness of themselves.


With a 1000+ pound, highly sensitive animal that cannot be coaxed or coerced, both positive and negative communication patterns very quickly become apparent!  Contact us to learn more about our programs! 


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