Welcome to Spirit’s Promise at Blossom Hollow Ranch.  We are dedicated to the life of the horse and rescuing those in crisis.  At our ranch we rescue horses that have been abused, neglected or not wanted anymore.  When these beautiful animals arrive at Spirit’s Promise we give them a new purpose through an educational and recuperative mission; they repay us with a love, sensitivity and innate spirituality unique to the species.

    We at Spirit’s Promise want to give back to society by helping those who need an empathic environment.  We want to help both horses and humans-two species that while having evolved together, largely co-dependent, very distant in today’s mechanized society.  Our future programs rely on public donations.  Please help us help our horses help people.







      PHOTO OPS IN OUR OLD  TOWN…..            IMG_1180

Join us for a night of great food, great music and Romance

how horses shaped my life

  My love and understanding of these magnificent animals came at a young age. My father Peter brought me to Dr. Star’s Ranch in Montauk New York. He owned and bred Thoroughbreds on 10 acres. It was my heaven to be surrounded by all these horses. I walked into a corral and there was a [...]

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